Specializing in relaxed, fun, children and family photography.

Hi, I’m Marc. A New Yorker living in Southern California, and I love creating remarkable family portraits. At thirteen I fell in love with photography. And, over the past 20 years, I’ve photographed hundreds of portraits for fun, loving, families. My brand of family photography is a blend of natural light portraiture and relaxed family groupings all photographed on location outdoors. I’m customer service driven and go overboard to make sure you get amazing images.

My photography has won over a dozen international awards for photographic excellence. And, I’m honored to have my children and family photography featured in over a dozen books by Amherst Media, along side some of the top photographers in the world. Kids, Mom’s and Dad’s always tell me I’m fun to work with, that I have a great eye for capturing special moments. When not behind the lens, I love to travel, find interesting food and have the odd bar of Cuban chocolate.

No Better Time Than Today

If your family and the special memories you create together are the most important things in your life… You’ve come to the right place for stunning portraits of your children and family.